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about me.tiff
about me.tiff

V.Bell is a brand created by Valentina Bellotti, accessories designer born in 1983.
After years of apprenticeship and roles in companies such as Dolce & Gabbana, Costume National and Beatrice Fontana, she was born with the desire to grow and, parallel to the work of Design Accessories Consulting, decides to found a brand that fully reflects the principles and the set of all the experiences: and here is V.Bell STUDIO .

Based on a few keywords that have become a mantra for the designer and a hallmark for customers, the brand mixes the "handmade" with a direct connection. between Brand and end customer.The fulcrum of the connection is the product that as a focal point has sustainability and upcycling translating it on the accessory as
Unconventional, sustainable, handmade and unique piece.


Welcome to the V.BellStudio world

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