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Whether you have a basic style or bold ,boho or rock is not important,

because for me the thing that matters is to emphasize your personality

and not make you chase a trend.
What’s more unconventional than being yourself?

 It’s time to bring your accessory to life and not adapt it into your wardrobe , and I’m here for that.

I decided to combine my know how and my creativity to the vbellstudio iconic details and to give you the opportunity to create your accessory as in a fashion studio,

  creating for you ... with you!
Now have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and and start to discoverthe 4 steps to give life to your accessory and receive projects made according to your choices. Among these will be your accessory that I’ll go to make,

Welcome in this experience .I'm Valentina, accessories designer of V.BellStudio and now let’s start together .

iconic details.jpg
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